The Art of Outdoor Cooking

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A Brand New Way to Cook, Socialise & Entertain

Ofyr's cone-shaped fire bowl features a wide, flat rim that doubles as a cooking surface. Heat radiates from the centre in a perfectly fluid gradient, enabling you to cook at different temperatures on a single hot plate.

Easy to Use

OFYR can be left outdoors and uncovered in almost all weather conditions. Its three-part modular design makes OFYR rather easy to move around if needed. OFYR is simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance. Food scraps and excess oil go straight into the fire – all you need to do is wipe the OFYR with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next occasion.

Unique & Stylish

More practical and stylish than a typical barbecue, OFYR’s simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting, from country lawn to chic restaurant terrace.
And when it’s time to entertain alfresco, this elegant outdoor sculpture transforms into a warm, welcoming hub for cooking and socialising.

The Social Aspect​

Gathering around a roaring fire to share warmth, food and friendship is one of the earliest instincts of humankind. Perhaps that’s why OFYR is such an instant hit with families. Ingenious in its simplicity, it’s an outdoor cooker that delivers far more than just great food. The unique circular design invites people to cook together, making every meal a memorable occasion. Whether you’re grilling steaks, roasting vegetables or just toasting marshmallows, cooking on OFYR is simple, versatile and fun. And because OFYR radiates heat over a wide area, you can enjoy dining outdoors at any time of year. So why not fire up your outdoor lifestyle with OFYR? All the ingredients are there for the perfect family occasion with friends!

Autumn & Winter

OFYR's cone shaped fire bowl radiates heat up to two meters, making it possible to cook and entertain outdoors even in the cooler UAE months. Perfect for desert camping or  day trips to Al Qudra Lakes OFYR brings a warmth and light to your outdoor environment all year round.

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